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I just wanted to share this:

This made me laugh so hard!

Kagen no Tsuki and Paradise Kiss

I just finished reading Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa. Once again, Yazawa has left me with so many emotions spinning inside my head. I feel sad, shocked, surprised, disappointed, upset, and most of all, just very confused. Like NANA, Yazawa has communicated clearly... "Things will go wrong." There are no guarantees in life. The past; the present does not mean the future. I don't know what else to say. I can't really come up with words to describe my feelings.

But one thing: I RECOMMEND THESE MANGAS~ They are so great! Especially Paradise Kiss, it's like, a shorter NANA. The plot is just as engaging, and the characters, just as interesting. There are only 5 volumes, I believe, so it's pretty short. And I think Kagen no Tsuki is shorter, but Paradise Kiss is deeply touching, it reaches out to you, to the core of your heart and squeezes it.

I wish it could have been longer though. Oh well, way to go Yazawa~ <3 Love you & your work! Get well soon!!

Read Paradise Kiss here!
Read Kagen no Tsuki here!

Love & Enjoy,
So... what's been going on with my life?

Ever since Ai Yazawa fell ill. (GET BETTER SOON!!) I've been feeling really bored. NANA is the only manga I follow continuously. So, what have I been doing since May 26th? Well, I have been studying. Like. ACTUALLY. Studying. LOL, doing many productive things such as trying (and failing to do so...) to maintain my 3.6 GPA earned through sweat, tears, and all-nighters.

Now, finally, the semester is coming to an end, and exams are here. This semester has been a weird one. Things that weren't supposed to happen happened. Things that were supposed to happen didn't. Things--the person--I thought I wanted; I was wrong about. We laughed, we cried, we got angry--overreacted--and messed things up. I got sick, H1N1? (Haha, jokes...!) Of my life as well. Now the waves are retreating. And the sea is calm--I would say silent even. And now I just sit and write--type--and think: I grew up. I wouldn't say I'm concrete, but my thoughts are defined. I know what I want now. I know what I should hang on to, and the things that I shouldn't, whether I desire to or not... I feel like a new person. And hopefully next semester I do succeed at achieving (AND maintaining) a 3.6+ GPA throughout the year. XD

I've been reading a lot, as well as looking into things of interest such as old, abandoned houses. Actually, my physics teacher was the one who introduced me to that. My physics teacher... hm. Well, he is a interesting "feller". Always entertaining, friendly, easy to be with, and fun. He was telling us about how over the winter break, he visited Japan. (No, he is not Japanese. In fact he's not even Asian! He is 100% Dutch.) And he spent half the class telling us about this awesome book he got. A book about abandoned places, houses, factories w/e in Japan which really got my attention. So, I've been looking into that lately...

I want to start a business. What kind of business you ask? Well, a clothing/makeup one. I'm still undecided as of now, but I will update later on about this weird idea of mine...


Well, I will end my "what's been going on with my life" entry with that today.

Claymore Chapter 93


Sorry, I've been extremely busy with work and volunteer... But as promised (although a bit TOO late...) here it is: Claymore Chapter 93 available to read online on MangaHelpers :)

Credits: heiji-sama (raws), cnet128 (translations), [me:] miyuki (editing)

Enjoy it my lovelies,
Miyuki [Eternal D4rkness] .

P.S. - NANA 85's raws still has not been posted :(
Let us be patient and pray for a surprise tomorrow! :)


Claymore Chapter 92

Hi everyone! I forgot to livejournal this release ._. sorry.!

But, yeah. I've done a scanlation of Claymore, Chapter 92, and it is posted on MangaHelpers.
You can read it online or download the ZIP file.

Special thanks to:
translator: shrimpy <3
raw source (scanner): heiji-sama <3



P.S. - Good luck to everyone on exams! >x<


Nana Chapter 84

I randomly decided to check Manga Helpers today, and guess what I found!? ..... NANA 84!

They only have the raw by Heiji-sama on Manga Helpers atm,
and I'm still waiting for the translations to come out.
I don't think it will take too long, maybe 5 days at the most.

However, if you are really impatient (like me, muahahaha) you can download/read online the raw at Manga Helpers

Tuesday May 26th, 2009

shirokuro already posted the translations (yay her! <3)
you can now view them at Manga Helpers :)

I am working on it! I hope I can have the chapter out by today~!
Keep checking my livejournal for updates~ ^w^

Later in the day:

I'm done the scanlation~ >w<
But... it seems someone has beat me to it for posting it on OneManga... =X
I suppose you can read their version (please don't!~ .. jksjks XD) on One Manga
it's more convenient that way...
and it's by the same translator anyway :T

but if you love me (yn), you should read it on MangaHelpers!
I did a better job cuz I didn't rush it~~~
And I totally sacrificed the time that I should be doing my 2500 word history essay for this..!!
So... my point is, read it at MangaHelpers! >w<

~ Miyuki.



Nana Chapter 83

Oh my GOSH! I'm so excited. I finished up chapter 83 in two days (I must have no life... :S) Okay, anyways. Here it is: I hope I'm the first one to have the scanlation of this chapter:

Raw Source: Heiji-sama @ www.raw-paradise.com
My Translator: shirokuro @ mangahelpers.com
shirokuro also has a blog, but it's all in Japanese. : P
I honestly, literally couldn't have done it without you guys! Thanks! (L)

I'll be posting it on photobucket later, but for now, here's the link to the RAR file you can download it at:


Tuesday April 23rd:

I was reading it over when I realized there were a few pages with mistakes, so i fixed it up, and here's the updated version
: )


I've also got them posted on Photobucket now
: )

Also, something else exciting has come up!
I managed to get in contact with the admins from OneManga, and now my scanlation is on their site too! (I'm so happy!) Although... I sent them the older version last night... (or today.. morning? haha..) so there's mistakes in there. I'll see if I can get them to post the updated pages... (I've recieved an email confirming that they've updated the pages.)

Wednesday April 19th, 2009:

Somebody has requested, so I uploaded the file in ZIP format, and you can now download it from my 4shared.

- Miyuki. [Eternal Darkness]

Hello Hello

Hi! (This is my first entry, eh?)

I love M.A.C (makeup) and Nana (manga/anime)
I like to write fanfiction
My dream is to become a makeup artist and live in New York when I'm all grown up

That's enough said, I think.